Vote AGAINST the new plans for our green spaces!

5 juni 2024

On June 6, 2024, a referendum will be held in Amsterdam for the first time in 22 years. On that day, the future of our city's green spaces will be in the hands of the people of Amsterdam. We can make ourselves heard about the new plans for the city's protected green spaces. With this manifesto we call on everyone to vote AGAINST the new plans. We will explain why.

New plans for our green spaces
In 2022, the new plans for the "Main Green Structure" (Hoofdgroenstructuur) were announced. The Hoofdgroenstructuur includes the most important protected green areas in the city. But were our green areas ever really protected from chainsaws and bulldozers? No! For years, the trend has been to build in protected green spaces - time and again. This new policy will make this even easier. Worried Amsterdammers raised the alarm and collected tens of thousands of signatures to start a referendum.

Nature always loses out
All flowers and trees in the city are already under pressure due to a lack of space. This makes it all the more important to ensure the protection of the green spaces. With these new rules, it's not just a handful of parks that are at risk. A large number of areas that are now predominantly green will be designated as so-called “development areas.” The requirements for building in these green areas will shift: the question will no longer be IF building is allowed, but HOW. These development areas risk being turned from green oasis to brick baking trays, with a few shrubs and some sedum roofs as an excuse.

In the city parks, for example, there will be more room for large-scale horeca (hotels - restaurants - cafes). Crowded grill restaurants and large terraces will disrupt the quiet walk in nature. Green and sports are also opposed in these plans, with artificial turf fields displacing natural greenery. A city of asphalt, concrete and plastic is no match for the effects of climate change. In this way, our city is not future-proof.

Fight with us by voting AGAINST the new plans

On June 6th, everyone will be asked the question if they are for or against the proposed City Council decision on the capital's green space policy. Quite a complicated proposition for the average Amsterdammer, who is not aware of all policy developments. The general feeling will be: “I want to protect the green spaces, so I will vote for the new plans." But a vote for means support for these green-unfriendly plans. The best way you can protect our green spaces is by voting AGAINST the new plans.

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